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Waste and Disposal Services

KRT has trained professionals ready to manage your waste needs. They will provide you with the peace of mind that comes from being in compliance with all government regulations. KRT provides both scheduled and immediate collection services.
Used Oil Removal
Oil Filter Recycling
Used Oil and Antifreeze Container Recycling
Non-Hazardous Waste (liquid, solid, sludge)
Hazardous Waste (organic & inorganic / liquid, solid, sludge)
Bulk Liquids and Solids
Containerized Waste (totes, drums, kegs, pails)
Waste Caustics and Acids
Parts Washers (removal and cleaning)
Soil Remediation
Lab Packing
Calcium Spray for Dust Control
Supply dipsticks, drums, labels, totes, spill kits

Industrial Cleaning Services:

Confined Space Services

KRT has a group of qualified trained professionals with hands on experience in carrying out confined space jobs with a focus on safety while delivering quality service.

Vacuum Truck Services

Vacuum Services provide cost effective solutions to plant maintenance for day to day maintenance issues, emergency response requirements or specific projects.

Applications Include:
Floor Drains
Oil/Water Separators
Interceptor Cleaning (oily water/sludge)
General housekeeping
Baghouse cleaning
Flue dust removal
Decommissioning removals and clean-up
Spill clean-up (major or minor)
Removals (eg. steel balls, saddles, pellets, etc.)
Wet, dry or acidic applications
Pressure liquid unloading
Vacuum and Disposal of slurries
Dry vacuuming of fine particles or debris for general housekeeping
Hydro excavation for low risk digging and trenching
Sewer and catch basin cleaning
Kiln and digester cleaning and maintenance
Emergency Response

Are you in compliance with your interceptor cleaning?

Ontario Government Regulations state that you must have your interceptors pumped out at least once per year while maintaining less than 4” of oil from the top of your interceptor and less than 12” of sludge on the bottom.


24 Hr. Emergency Spill Response (over 20+ years experience)

The KRT Emergency Response Team operates 24/7 and can handle a wide variety of emergency events. With over 20+ years experience in responding to emergency spills, KRT has expertise in managing spills in accordance with regulations and in advising customers in future spill prevention.

In addition to responding to spills, KRT provides customers with spill materials to keep on-site to contain or clean spills. These materials include:

Spill Kits
Absorbent (Northern Ontario Distributor of Oclansorb)
Containment Booms


Installation and Maintenance of Tanks and Pump Repairs

Our team is staffed with trained mechanics certified with the Technical Standards and Safety Authority (TSSA). We have all of the equipment and parts necessary to fix your problem quickly and efficiently to ensure your downtime is kept to an absolute minimum. KRT is a servicer and supplier for dozens of brand name manufacturers and can assist with:

Aboveground Tanks - Steel & Fiberglass
Underground Tanks - Steel & Fiberglass
Pumps – Electric & Air-Operated
Fuel Lines and Filters
Valves and Fittings
Lubrication Equipment
Pump Rentals Available

Do You Own An Underground Tank?

Oil leaking from underground tanks will contaminate soil and groundwater and result in expensive environmental clean-up costs.

There are strict environmental regulations as to how tank owners can upgrade/remove their underground oil tanks.

It is a tank owner’s responsibility to ensure this work is done in accordance with regulation adopted by the Technical Standards and Safety Authority (TSSA) which includes hiring a Petroleum Contractor with PM2 certification to remove the tank and ensuring an environmental assessment is completed after the tank has been removed.

Source: Ontario Petroleum Mechanics Association