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Providing cost effective solutions to plant/mine maintenance for day to day maintenance issues, emergency response or specific projects

The Hydro Vac has a 3,000 PSI, 26 imperial GPM pressure washer with a 980,000 BTU boiler for pressure washing, assisting with cleaning during or after waste removal and excavating. In addition, the truck has a 5,300 CFM vacuum (what is known in the industry as a Super Sucker) meaning that it can suck up practically any type of material (earth, gravel, slag, water, sludge, other liquids, other solid debris, etc.).

Examples of jobs that this truck can do include, but are not limited to:

The Hydro Vac can be used for industrial cleaning, waste removal, daylighting, trenching and post hole digging as well as for spill clean up and emergency response.

Wet/Dry Vacuum Loading
Tank Cleaning
Boiler Cleaning
Flue Pipe Cleaning
Pits & sump pump cleaning
General housekeeping
Baghouse cleaning
Flue dust removal
Decommissioning removals and clean-up
Removals (eg. steel balls, saddles, pellets, etc.)
Wet, dry or acidic applications
Pressure liquid unloading
Vacuum and Disposal of slurries
Dry vacuuming of fine particles or debris for general housekeeping
Hydro excavation for low risk digging and trenching
Sewer and catch basin cleaning
Kiln and digester cleaning and maintenance
Hydro Excavation around/adjacent to cables, gasoline lines, fibreoptic cable, etc. (otherwise known as daylighting)
Spill Clean Up
Emergency Response

High Pressure Water Blasting

High pressure water blasting provides both a cost effective alternative and an environmentally friendly solution to plant/mine maintenance requirements.

Applications include:

Surface Services
Industrial Cleaning
Surface Preparation &
Material Removal
Coating Removal
Tube/Plate Heat ExchangerCleaning
Acid Neutralization
Emergency Response