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In 2019, KRT will be celebrating its 65th year in business!

KRT is the leading provider of industrial waste management solutions across Northern Ontario with a focus on completing jobs on time and within budget while ensuring work is done safely and in compliance with ministry regulators.

New ownership focused on meeting or exceeding ministry regulations and customer expectations

KRT was founded in 1954. The company’s beginnings centered on the petroleum industry, servicing fuel stations mainly for the major petroleum companies. The company expanded into waste management and environmental services in 1964 necessitating the need for a licensed transfer site.


KRT has a proven track record of reducing downtime and lowering costs while delivering quality service to produce results.

Products and services categories include:
1. Waste and Disposal Services (including new product sales)
2. Industrial Cleaning Services (Confined Space, Vacuum Services, High Pressure Water Blasting)
3. 24 hr. Emergency Spill Response (including spill kits)
4. Tank Installation/Maintenance and
Pump Repairs

KRT is an approved Transporter of Stewardship Ontario Municipal Hazardous or Special Waste Program (MHSW).



Providing cost effective solutions to plant/mine maintenance for day to day maintenance issues, emergency response or specific projects

The Hydro Vac has a 3,000 PSI, 26 imperial GPM pressure washer with a 980,000 BTU boiler for pressure washing, assisting with cleaning during or after waste removal and excavating. In addition, the truck has a 5,300 CFM vacuum (what is known in the industry as a Super Sucker) meaning that it can suck up practically any type of material (earth, gravel, slag, water, sludge, other liquids, other solid debris, etc.).